KJ5Y DX Report Volume #2

Complied and issued 06/07/2017 at 0800 UTC KJ5Y Remote Contest Report. Compiled by the LID.

During the month of may we experienced very indifferent propagation, several solar flare and lots of storms.

1 major contest was taken part in by a team consisting of KJ5Y, N5XZ, YU6DX and MM0LID. We took part in the CQ WPX CW contest. Overall the contest was very busy, with Alex YU6DX showing great prowess in calmly running JA on 40m at great rates and added over 500 Q's to the final total! Pat and Allen N5XZ were experiencing audio dropouts at times which made copying calls and numbers difficult, they held strong and battled through.

Final score : Call: KJ5Y

Operator(s): KJ5Y N5XZ YU6DX

Station: KJ5Y

Class: M/S HP

QTH: Houston

Operating Time (hrs): 42

Location: USA

Remote operation

Summary: Compare Scores

Band QSOs

160: 0

80: 60

40: 536

20: 1133

15: 224

10: 72

Total: QSO's: 2025 Prefixes: 731 Total Score: 2,773,414

Club: Texas DX Society

Over the next month there are several medium sized contests, ALL ASIA CW would be a lot of fun from the KJ5Y #3 remote! I wonder if anyone would be interested in forming a Multi Op Team for that one? The exchange is easy just your age and the same from the Asia stations.

We are now in the quiet season for major contests. The next Major one would be IARU HF Championships. Another very fun event.

I will try to keep you guys up to date with upcoming contests.

If you are interested in getting involved with contesting, there are loads of links and videos i can provide.

I suggest to listen to some of the ops out there and learn from them.

I plan to create a few tutorial videos over the next few contests of how i run, especially during CWT sessions.

For now Contest report End. 73 de MM0LID

And now for the DX and special stations report

V47JA-Op W5JON John will be in ST.Kitts & Nevis 7/12-8/5 QSL via W5JON

OJ0V-OP Peter ON8VP Michel ON6QO And Ronald ON5TQ DXped to Market Reef 6/28 -7/4 QSL via OQRS and Direct to ON5TC

VK9AA-OP Bernd VK2IA in Cocos-Keeling Islands 6/24-7/1 QSL Via Direct to DK2BJ Or Via Buro to DK2BJ Also upload to LOTW

E51XYZ-OP Unknown in South Cook Islands 6/10-6/17 QSL via Unknown See QRZ.com for QSL information

OZ/DF2SD OP Dieter DF2SD In Denmark FANØ ISLAND IOTA EU-125 7/23-8/4 QSL Via Direct and Buro to DF2SD LOTW Upload or EQSL.cc

V63KS OP Unknown 8/28-9/03 In Micronesia QSL Unknown at this moment See QRZ.com for QSL information

7U1X OP EA7JX Rod in Algeria 9/18-9/26 QSL Direct via EA7JX also QSL Via OQRS system

9U4M OP Unknown In Burundi 11/6-11/17 QSL Unknown Please see QRZ.com for QSL details

H40GC OP Stan LZ1GC And Emil DL8JJ In Temotu Province 9/30-10/20 QSL Direct Via LZ1GC

VK9XI OP Op Steve VK3OT In Christmas Islands 10/3-10/10Q QSL Direct via VK3OT Also LOTW Upload and EQSL.cc

5T5OK OP Unknown In Mauritania 9/18-9/26 QSL Unknown please see QRZ.com For QSL details

S9CQ OP Unkonwn In Sao Tome & Principe 10/12-10/21 QSL Unkonwn Please see QRZ.com for QSL Details

That's all for this edition of the DX report I wish you good DX es best 73s and please look forward to next Month's issue

End of Report



KJ5Y DX/Contest Report